Hum by Verizon

According to statistics, we spend an average of 4.3 years behind the wheel during our lifetime, but we are not well-connected to our cars. Hum by Verizon was specially created to change the situation. It is a smart upgrade that simply plugs into the OBD-II port of your car and makes it safer. The device is able to provide vehicle diagnostics and give you emergency assistance as well as access to faster roadside. The upgraded model can even function as a Wi-Fi hotspot. All this happens due to the iOS apps... read more


eCornell is an online learning company that was established by Cornell University. It offers over 40 MBA-quality professional development corporate programs, certificate programs, and WebSeries to provide you with the most in-demand skills nowadays. You will need from two to nine months to complete eCornell certificates. These consist of four-eighteen courses. Usually the authors of these courses are Cornell faculty members, made in collaboration with the instructional designers and industry expert instructors... read more

Flex Shot

Flex Shot is a relatively new product that claims to bond, caulk, and seal almost anything easily. The manufacturer says that this caulk-in-a-can is suitable for various household projects, including filling huge cracks and holes, as well as fixing leaks. The product was made by Phil Swift, the creator of Flex Seal, a popular spray-on rubber sealant. The company behind these both products is based out of Van Nuys, CA. It is made in the USA. Flex Shot is a pressurized dispenser of a substance similar to caulk... read more

Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University (FPU) is an education radio program that teaches listeners how to handle money with the use of Biblical principles. It was designed by Dave Ramsey, a best-selling author and experienced radio talk show host. Ramsey puts the major focus on the instruction how to manage money, get rid of debt, save, invest and spend your money wisely. In fact, FPU is one of his most popular classes. The author has earned great reputation for teaching effective wisdom based on Biblical principles... read more

Copper Knife

Copper Knife is a new knife that features a durable hardened stainless steel core and is claimed to stay sharp forever. At the same time, it is able to deliver delicate, extremely thin and quick cuts. It is able to cut almost anything easily without additional pressure. According to the manufacturer, its non-stick copper surface and ergonomic handle will make it suitable for all food prep, whether it involves bread, cheese, tomatoes, pineapple, mushrooms, or anything else you wish... read more

Vuse E Cig

Vuse E-Cigarettes or Vuse E Cigs are cartridge-based units produced with proprietary smart processor technology, namely, a SmartMemory chip. This chip uses algorithms to adjust and monitor heat delivery about 2,000 times per second. As a result, you can enjoy a perfect puff every time you smoke. The product is manufactured by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Beside its reliable and consistent performance, these cigarettes provide you with pleasant and satisfying vapor... read more


If you are fond of exploring modern fashion trends, Wantable offers a discovery commerce platform that will provide you with an opportunity to receive 4-5 full-size products on a monthly basis. They will be delivered directly to your threshold. According to the company, each of their boxes is tailored based on your preferences and tastes. Let's try to find out whether their boxes really contain high-quality products. The company claims that their personalized boxes are selected by their stylists... read more

Nectar Mattress

Nectar is a name of the company that has made a name for itself due to high-quality products it makes. Nectar Mattress is one of such innovations. It offers 11" of memory foam and has already attracted attention of thousands of sleepers all over the country. In fact, it has a special construction. Let us have a look at the layers of this marvelous mattress. The Nectar mattress is features a quilted cover and three foam layers. Top cover offers 1" of gel memory foam that is designed to provide high-rate comfort and... read more


If you hate cleaning your cat's litter box, today you will be offered a great solution. Company located in the USA and called Luuup has done this daily chore cleaner, easier, and less wasteful. It comes with three sifting tray system that helps to decrease the need for extra plastic baggies and a scooper. This is the most funded pet product in the world as the system has raised over $2,000,000 from 16,000+ backers. The product is backed by Dini Petty, a Canadian daytime talk show host and a former self-piloting traffic reporter... read more


RedShelf is a company that allows you to rent or buy e-textbooks from their official website. This allows you to save up to 60% off retail prices. The site includes digital content from the major academic publishers of the world, self-published content and trade publishers. With this site you will not have to download huge files because RedShelf offer their cloud-based reader. It means that you will have access to your content on any device having internet connection... read more

Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number Bed is a new offer from the company that operates in the U.S.A. It also has FDA registration and approved technology. The manufacturer has quickly become a leader in the mattress industry due to their ability to correctly combine materials of the highest quality with innovative technologies in the field. Sleep Number Bed is the result of their work. It promises to provide you with the best night's sleep. You will be pleasantly impressed with the factory direct pricing and free shipping... read more

Ebates is a cash back shopping website like, but it only focuses on online shopping. It gives an opportunity to its members to earn up to 25% cash back on their purchases made online from more than 1,200 stores. There is no need to mail in forms, redeem points, or pay any fee for using the website. The website earns money by using a commission when its members purchase something from its associated stores. A definite part of the commission is paid to the members... read more


Transferring money to or from your bank account can be an expensive process, as you will need to spend a lot in fees. Fortunately, ChimpChange claims to offer a digital banking platform for people to send and spend their money easily and reliably for less. It presupposes two parts: a prepaid MasterCard and an iOS or Android app. ChimpChange's app allows sending money to other ChimpChange users in real time. Money can also be sent to anyone with a cell phone... read more

Marcus by Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is a global investment firm that has existed since the late 19th century. It is wrong to think of pleasantly looking white-collar stock traders on Wall Street when getting an image of this company in your imagination and we will find out why. In recent years, this firm has launched a new arm of the company known as GS Bank, which would provide customers with internet-only savings accounts. The company also launched Marcus by Goldman Sachs, rebranding their business of savings accounts... read more

Lemonade Insurance

Lemonade Insurance positions itself as a go-to source for homeowners' policies and urban renters, help you to get nice coverage to protect your possessions in just 90 seconds from your smartphone fast and easily. According to the website, if you have to file a claim, it will take just three minutes. The company promises to take only a flat 20% fee for operational costs, compared to traditional insurers. It is also said that no brokers are involved; the savings are directly passed... read more

Chase Freedom Card

The Chase Freedom is a credit card that offers bonus cash back in categories that may change every three months. Spending $500 in purchases within the first three months since opening their account, clients also get a $150 signing bonus. This is the thing that differentiates this card from its competition. During bonus periods you can earn 5% cash back, which is a great advantage. One bonus can reach $75 dollars... read more

Chase Sapphire Reserve Card

The Chase Sapphire Reserve Card is one of the best travel credit cards available on the market. It offers more rewards than other favorite cards like the Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard or the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. The only drawback about this card is its $450 annual fee. But it promises that you will come out ahead if you use all benefits offered by this card. This card is very competitive... read more

Citi Double Cash Card

It is a smart decision to get a cash-back credit card with a number of ongoing rewards rate and 18-month BT offer. It you agree, you should consider receiving the Citi Double Cash Card. This card will give you an opportunity to earn 1% cash back when buying something, then additional 1% cash back when paying the money off. The rewards are unlimited and it is a pleasant advantage. Unfortunately, the card doesn't come with a cash signup bonus, but... read more

Citi Simplicity Card

The Citi Simplicity Card was specially created for people who wish to make the high-interest balance with no Late Fees. It offers users a long introductory interest-free period and comes with a $0 annual fee. It requires no penalty APR alleviating some of the high costs that can be added to a credit card balance. If you are a consumer with excellent credit looking for a simple card the Citi Simplicity card is one of the best options to consider... read more

It's Just Lunch

It's Just Lunch (IJL) is a company that claims to offer a personalized matchmaking service. It is specially created for busy people who would like someone else to organize personal and private dates for them. It is said on their official website that they are the best personalized matchmaking service in the world. IJL offers something in between online dating and actual dating. The company was founded in 1991 and currently features more than 150 locations all over the world... read more

Home Chef

Home Chef is a meal kit delivery service that has been on the market for about seven years that boasts a wide menu with special meal ideas. It promises to provide you with the quick and simple ordering process, flexible subscriptions, and reasonable prices. It provides natural and fresh ingredients as well as easy-to-follow recipes for you to cook a great dinner in half an hour, despite your poor cooking skills. You will be able to enrich your menu with a lunch... read more

Samsung FlexWash

For many years, manufacturers have been trying to create washing machines with proper capacities to meet the needs of large families. However, those large drums are not suitable for washing your favorite pair of jeans. Samsung has resented a good solution to this problem with the Samsung FlexWash washing machine. It is actually two machines in one as it includes a one-cubic foot-sized washing chamber on top for delicate loads, and a five cubic-foot chamber on the machine's bottom for bigger needs... read more


Whether it happens at night while you are sleeping, in the morning when you are trying to get up, or when you are at work, chronic back pain can impact your life in a negative way. If you suffer from chronic back pain, there is a good solution for your problem. It is called Lo-Bak TRAX. This is a portable spinal traction device that claims to deliver comfortable, easy and effective pain relief. It functions as a lever that decompresses the spine and discs in a mechanical way... read more

Sleep Number Mattress

Sleep Number Mattress is a high-quality product offered by the company based in the USA. It is meant to provide you with real comfort and a lot of health benefits not only for better sleep but also for the proper functioning of the whole human body. Airbed Sleep System users conducted a seven-week sleep study and these are the results they experienced. Back pain reduced by 88.9%, average night's sleep improved by 85.2%. Most users stated that they felt much better after having slept on a Sleep Number Mattress for seven weeks... read more

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